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The dynamic Canadian marketplace has its own nuances that require key insights to break through.

Reach more Canadians cost-effectively in a fraction of the time. BritOn Solutions Group (BSG) and Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG) have curated pre-defined, high-value audience insights packages – ready to analyze and activate against!

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How can the insights packages help me?

Perfect for start-ups with tight budgets, brands looking to scale their distribution or launch innovation to new outlets, retailers seeking to better understand specific customer segments and capitalize on new opportunities or international organizations who need on-the-ground intel to succeed in Canada.

Each insights package enables you to:

  • Understand the demographics of your high-potential audience quickly and efficiently
  • Find your audiences in the outlets they’re most likely to shop
  • Access your audience through their specific media or lifestyle choices, or reach them in the neighbourhoods where they live






The audiences

Step 1

Choose from five pre-defined, highly relevant Canadian audiences with specific attributes, sourced from Canada’s leading data providers including Numeris, Statistics Canada and Caddle.

Don’t forget:

Certain government grants can be applied toward the purchase of these insights.

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Small brands and start-ups – reach out!

  • Committed Green Consumers

    An estimated 7.3 million Canadians who stand for green, believe it is important to buy from socially and environmentally responsible brands and are willing to pay more to do so

  • Engaged Plant-Based Consumers

    A projected group of 8.6 million Canadians who regularly buy/ consume plant-based food/beverage categories

  • Core Natural/Premium Grocery Shoppers

    7.1 million Canadians who regularly shop in banners like Whole Foods, Farm Boy, Organic Garage, Rachelle Béry, Urban Fare, Choices, Goodness Me, Community Natural

  • Frequent Convenience Store Shoppers

    Just under 14 million Canadians who most frequently shop in convenience stores

  • Emerging Discount Shoppers (Dollar Stores/Giant Tiger)

    4.7 million Canadians who have shopped at both of these outlets either in-store or online in the past month and regularly shop at these banners

Package options

Step 2

Choose the package that best aligns with your needs – or reach out to see how to customize an option that is perfect for you.
View a sample report for more details.

Audience Insights Package Levels
Audience Insights Package Levels
Starter Premier Activation Plus
Investment $3,499 CAD (+ HST) $4,999 CAD (+ HST) Contact Us to Learn More!
Demographic Summary
Demographic Profiles
Geographic Locator
(Heat Maps)
Shopping Habits
Household Expenditures
Media Consumption
Recreation & Lifestyle Choices
Postal Codes
(for Direct Mail Media)
Digital Device IDs
(for Digital Media)
Knowledge Session with BSG Team 60 minutes 90 minutes
Step 3

If you’re unsure which option is right for you, click the Contact Us button below and enter your contact information. We’d be glad to answer any questions and walk through the details together.

Step 3

If you’re ready to purchase, click the Buy Now button below to be directed to our purchase page.

Step 4

After purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to your selected report(s). The BSG team will stay in close contact with you to schedule a knowledge session to walk through the report, key insights and any questions you may have.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Audiences

An audience is a nationally representative, customized group of Canadian consumers or shoppers who share certain common characteristics and/or purchase behaviours. The first campaign, launching in June 2023, includes the following five custom audiences:

  1. Committed Green Consumers
  2. Engaged Plant-Based Consumers
  3. Core Natural/Premium Grocery Shoppers
  4. Frequent Convenience Store Shoppers
  5. Emerging Discount Shoppers (Dollar Stores and Giant Tiger)

Each audience is defined based on specific, pre-defined characteristics and/or purchase behaviours, sourced from Canada’s leading data providers who are continually updating and supplying new data attributes into the intelligentVIEW platform. The audiences are representative of Canada’s general population and to be included in an audience, consumers must meet specified characteristics &/or purchase behaviours.

Based on our extensive industry knowledge, including a strong understanding of current business trends, five audiences were identified as highly relevant for today’s market. That said, this is just our initial offering of audiences. We will be running a target of five additional audiences every few months.

Our first five include:

  1. Committed Canadian Green Consumers = Estimated 7,271,097 Canadians
    • Source: Numeris
    • Canadians who frequently make product purchasing decisions based on product packaging, or
    • Frequently use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and
    • Are willing to pay more for eco-friendly products, and
    • Believe it is important to buy products from socially responsible/environmentally friendly companies
  2. Engaged Canadian Plant-Based Consumers = Estimated 8,585,319* Canadians
    • Source: Numeris, Caddle
    • Canadians who personally drank Dairy Alternatives (Plant-Based Milk) at least 1x per month (1x, 2-3 times or 1x per week or more) or
    • Purchased Vegan Food in the last 7 days, or
    • Purchased Soy-Based Food in the last 7 days
    • *This group is going to be supplemented with an expanded audience from Caddle and will include consumers who have used any plant based food or beverage products in their home on at least a monthly basis
  3. Core Canadian Natural/Premium Grocery Shoppers = Estimated 7,112,074 Canadians
    • Source: Numeris
    • Canadians who shopped in any Natural/Health Food stores over the last month or
    • Canadians who shopped in any of the following Premium Grocery or Natural Health Food stores at least once a month: Choices Markets or Community Natural or Farm Boy or Fresh Street Market or Goodness Me or Longo’s or Nesters Market or Organic Earth, Pete’s Fine Foods or Pusateri’s or Rachelle Béry or Starsky Fine Foods or Urban Fare or Whole Foods
  4. Frequent Canadian Convenience Store Shoppers = Estimated 13,993,341 Canadians
    • Source: Numeris
    • Canadians who shopped in any of the following Convenience Stores either in store or online at least once per month (1x, 2-3 times or 1x per week or more)
    • 7-11 or Boni-Soir or Circle K/Couche-Tard or Esso Go Stores or Irving/ Circle K or Needs/Sobeys Express or Quickie Convenience Stores or Other Convenience Stores
  5. Canadian Emerging Discount Shoppers (Dollar Stores and Giant Tiger) = Estimated 4,704,301 Canadians
    • Source: Numeris
    • Canadians who shop at Giant Tiger (either in store or online) between 2-11 times per year or once per month or more, and
    • Shopped at Dollar Stores (any Dollar Store) instore or online in the past month


The size of each audience varies based on the characteristics a consumer must exhibit to be included as part of that audience. Each audience is statistically significant, selected from a representative sample of the national population, and includes a minimum of 6,000 Canadian respondents. Through the intelligentSEGMENTS framework, these respondents project to national audiences with a minimum size of 4 million consumers.

  1. Committed Green Consumer N= 8,654, Projection = 7,271,097
  2. Engaged Plant-Based Consumers N= 10,084, Projection = 8,585,319
  3. Core Natural/Premium Grocery Shoppers N = 10,482 Projection 7,112,074
  4. Frequent Convenience Store Shoppers N = 16,652, Projection 13,993,341
  5. Emerging Discount Shoppers N = 6,510, Projection 4,704,301

About the Data

The data comes from CiG’s intelligentVIEW, a fully automated end-to-end audience insights and media activation platform. Data for the intelligentVIEW platform is sourced from Canada’s leading data providers who are continually updating and supplying new data attributes. Some of the key data sources include:

  • Statistics Canada Data (under license) – This data includes Census, Wealth and Assets and Household Expenditures data that is supplied and continually updated at the various levels of Statistics Canada geographies for census and intercensal periods.
  • Canada Post Householder Plus (HHP) Data (under license) – Leveraged to facilitate unaddressed advertising mail, the HHP contains the most up to date list of active Canadian postal codes updated monthly. Up to date addressable postal codes and current vintage Canada Post Smart Mail monthly data feeds, ensures maximum access to highly targetable audiences in a timely fashion.
  • Numeris RTS Survey Data (under license) – Collected semi-annually, the Numeris RTS is a national research study containing demographics, media preferences and consumer brand and product behaviours across a survey sample of approximately 45,000 Canadian households.
  • Caddle – Caddle is the largest daily and monthly active panel in Canada, with unmatched diversity as validated through third-party providers. Caddle empowers brand and insights leaders to gain rapid access to data and insights from Canadians from all walks of life across the entire consumer journey. Collected on an ad-hoc basis.
  • Postal Code Conversion File – Built from a variety of publicly available sources, CiG’s PCCF file is an up to date and accurate link between Canada Post postal codes and other geographies including the Canadian Census geographies with a monthly update schedule.
  • Because of the frequent updates to the data, the sample size and projected audience size may change from what is initially published.

The data showcases how the audience of interest compares to the Canadian general population in areas like family structure, demographics, income, ethnicity, lifestyle and shopping habits. By understanding the differentiating features of the audience relative to the Canadian general population, you’ll develop a stronger understanding of target consumers, enabling you to better identify areas of opportunity and accurately target messaging that resonates most.

You will receive a custom audience report, based on the level of participation you select, with a pre-set number of views per report. Reports will reside online only and will remain available for you to access for a period of twelve months from receipt of the report.

All packages include a meeting with BSG to review the results and discuss implications/next steps (time allotment dependent on package purchased).

Following the meeting with BSG to review the audience data, if you’d like further assistance in developing sales and marketing strategies to leverage the insights, BSG can help.

About the Audience Packages

There are two tiers of pre-set packages to choose from and a third customizable option. Each of these has a varying range of insights and inclusions as follows:

  1. Starter Package includes 4 reports – 1) demographic summary, 2) demographic profile 3) consumer segmentation (intelligentSEGMENTS) and 4) map to illustrate where the audience tends to reside across the country, plus a 60 minute meeting with the BSG team.
  2. Premier Package includes everything in the Starter Package as well as a deeper focus on how the target audience indexes with different retail banners from across Canada (channels and geographies) including the shopping habits report and the household expenditures report, plus a 90 minute meeting with the BSG team.
  3. Activation Plus: includes everything in the Premier Package, as well as additional reports and insights to activate against strategically including media consumption habits, recreation and lifestyle choices, postal codes and digital device IDs, and a meeting with the BSG team (time allotment to be confirmed during customization discussion).

The report will be delivered electronically via a link from intelligentVIEW with a twelve month time period for accessing the reports. All packages also include a meeting with BSG to review the results and discuss implications/next steps (time allotment dependent on package purchased).

intelligentSEGMENTS is CiG’s powerful segmentation system that clusters 15.4 million Canadian households into 94 segments based on socioeconomics, demographics, behaviour and lifestyle data.

  • intelligentSEGMENTS are built using statistical analysis techniques that first creates a base of 20 large clusters across core socio-economic characteristics at postal code level. Candidates within each of the large clusters are then clustered further into five clusters each with a focus on behavioural, ethnicity, housing type, education, and hundreds of other characteristics.
  • The resulting 100 clusters are re-ranked first on socioeconomics at the group level, and then again at the subgroup level.
  • Small clusters are analyzed relative to their neighbouring clusters and collapsed resulting in a system of 94 robust segments.
  • Penetration and index values of thousands of additional variables are used to further describe and bring the 94 intelligentSEGMENTS to life.
  • Automated processes identify attributes of significance and generate and compile data driven statements from these profiling tables to form initial segment descriptions.

Audience plans will be available for a limited time campaign (approximately 8 weeks per campaign). Each campaign will feature different audiences available for purchase by companies seeking to better understand key consumers and how to best reach them. Each limited time campaign will feature new audiences, however past audiences will remain available for purchase as long as you haven’t already purchased the same audience and package in the past (each audience is available for one-time purchase only, unless buying a larger package or subscription).

About the Investment

For each of the five custom audiences, you can select from the following two pre-set packages:

  1. Starter Package – $3,499 (CDN +HST)
  2. Premier Package – $4,999 (CDN +HST)

The third customizable package pricing will be confirmed based on needs and inclusions:

  • Activation Plus Package – TBC (+HST)

Contact us at to discuss the audience package that best suits your needs. We are also able to combine packages for better pricing and if you have your own custom audience that you would like to delve into, we are happy to explore possibilities with you.

The packages provide an extremely cost-effective opportunity to receive a wealth of insights that will enable you to develop an outreach strategy to market directly to target consumers. In turn, this creates an opportunity to build a relationship with your target market, helping to meet your business objectives.

The audience packages are for companies of any size who want to differentiate themselves from their competition by gaining a better understanding of key consumer groups. For example, this could entail a company studying a previously underserved audience in order to convert that audience to their brand(s), or an international company wanting to understand the demographics and behaviours of Canadians to help tailor a launch into the Canadian market.

Pre-run custom audiences will be offered in limited time windows throughout the year. This enables BSG and CiG to provide customized audience packages that are timely and relevant based on key marketplace trends.

It’s easy. Select the package that works best for you and your team and contact us directly or email All we require is upfront payment via credit card or other payment method and you’re ready to go.

Audience packages will be delivered to you 24-48 hours post payment receipt. All packages will be delivered to you via email and we will quickly schedule a knowledge session with you to ensure that you can leverage your insights quickly and efficiently.

About Us

BritOn Solutions Group (BSG) is a boutique sales and marketing consulting agency with advanced expertise in crafting comprehensive, multi-disciplinary strategies that deliver profitable revenue and growth for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies, brokers and retailers.

BSG has partnered with CiG to provide pre-set and customized audience packages leveraging the intelligentVIEW platform. Companies can purchase packages across five pre-run custom audiences, with each of the tiers of packages including a varying range of insights.

Consumer Intelligence Group (CiG) is a Toronto-based marketing technology company that innovates the way companies plan and implement data-driven marketing programs through intelligentVIEW, a cloud-based consumer and market insights platform.

CiG has partnered with BSG as their exclusive CPG partner. BSG has worked together with CiG to develop pre-set and customized audience packages leveraging the intelligentVIEW platform. Companies can purchase packages across five pre-run custom audiences, with each of the packages including a varying range of insights.